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DITTE' - Attitude Game!

“Being a Buddhist, I believe that I should do something good for society,”. “This is my gift to the world. Contributors will help me to influence people all over the world with this indigenous knowledge (true story about Ashoka- the emperor of India)found in my country, Sri Lanka. Contributors can help distribute this terrific game, which has so much to offer.”

DITTE'- Entrepreneurship Game

Any number of players can play the game that ends when a player reaches the crown, representing his/her coronation. Players advance according to the values obtained when the six sided dice is tossed and activities performed based on the ten fundamental qualities of leadership (as per the yellow cards picked at the yellow boxes). Players level-up at #2 #3 and #4 “gates”, each level requiring a specific number of yellow cards they must collect. The intention is to simulate situations that make the player realize the value of ethical leadership. Values dictate what is right and wrong!

DITTE'- Game of Reality

Life is a game and you enjoy it only until the circumstances are in your favour.


Small and large are relative terms. If your biz is too large to manage, then please feel free to contact us for a lasting solution.

English Language

Business English for individuals and groups


By Rizwan Jaldeen Phd.


Four Fellow Members of Group of 86, Royal College, Colombo 7 , Sri Lanka.

Dimuthu Nuwan Calyaneratne


Dimuthu has produced an award winning board game, and has sold more than 10,000 copies.



WHY 'SHANTHI'? ‘Shanthi’ stands for the inner peace of man & the outer peace of mankind. OUR CORE VALUES are Care, Commitment, Compassion, Dignity, Empathy, Equanimity, Ethics, Excellence, Generosity, Honesty, Kindness, Respect, Teamwork, Transparency. ‘Shanthi’, meaning peace, aims to propagate Palliative Care throughout the world, especially in developing nations, to give compassion, dignity and respect to all human beings with a life-limiting illness. The delivery of the Palliative care service model in partnership and collaboration with Government, Non government agencies, General practitioners, and other stakeholders in all countries to maximise the level of a person’s comfort towards a dignified death. Our mission is to establish long term partnerships with the Government and Non-government agencies to provide culturally appropriate Palliative Care throughout the world.



I have a proven track of building high performing teams, be it Global or Local and incubating new technology businesses that can help grow people and businesses that can disrupt industries with new ideas. I have over 25 years of experience in Technology and Executive leadership roles as well as an experienced intrepreneur and a speaker. I am the author of an upcoming title "Motivating Mavericks - The Secret to High Performing Teams" with Blackcard publishing. Currently, I am the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Microsoft Services Asia. Part of this role me and my team are responsible for Architecting the most complex and strategic solutions with Microsoft Enterprise customers across Asia. Prior to that role, I served as a member of the Microsoft Australia Services Leadership Team (SLT) as the Delivery Director. I was also the co-founder of the Microsoft Solutions Development Center (SDC) in Australia; A software engineering facility for implementing breakthrough solutions. I was responsible for building the SDC business into a multi-million dollar success for Microsoft Australia. The SDC was a business that successfully delivered projects ranging from few million dollars to 40+ million dollars during my time. Some key projects included Webjet.com.au, Ticketek.com.au and Visa International micro payment transaction engine. Prior to my time with Microsoft, I have worked across Ireland and USA in technology R&D, Consulting, Strategy as well as a lecturer for the MBA group with University College Dublin, Ireland. I have a degree in Commerce (with Honours) and a Masters Degree (MBS) in Technology (with Honours) from University College Dublin, Ireland. I have also completed a phase 1 of a PhD program with the same university. Outside of work, I enjoy wood-working and long distance running. I have run number of marathons to help raise funds for non-profit organizations I support. Currently I am training for the Port Douglas 74km ultra marathon in November 2016.



Maximus (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1997 by Managing Director Thusitha Ranasinghe. Thusitha unsurprisingly comes from a printing background, the family trade for three generations. Originally Maximus (company name was derived from the zoological name for the Sri Lankan Elephant – Elephus Maximus Maximus) was set up to Recycle waste printing paper. Soon after entering into this venture we realized that many more waste products, that were often just thrown away, could also be used and recycled. For example: - rice paddy straw, cinnamon and banana bark are all used to add flavour and colour, thus enhancing the products. The original Maximus operation was located at what is now the “Millennium Elephant Foundation” near Kegalle in Sri Lanka. We started with just seven employees producing paper from a small factory on site. It did not take long however to realize that the six resident elephants are a living, walking natural material source. We soon established that elephant dung was a perfect material to produce paper with. Hence the introduction of our signature “Elephant Dung” paper range. Operations soon started to increase and the operating center was moved to a new head office in Dam Street Colombo. The existing factory at Kegalle has been expanded to handle the increased production. We now employ over thirty-five staff located between the two sites. At Maximus we use a number of value adding sources but key competitive advantage comes from our flexibility. We can vary colour, texture and thickness to suit individual needs. Despite being registered as a Limited Liability Company, our company objectives and mission are very clear. At Maximus we strive to enhance conservation and as a result make it profitable and sustainable. The stakeholder theory is adhered to and influences business thinking, our key stakeholder is the Elephant. In other words, the foundation on which Maximus rests is based Conservation, primarily that of the Sri Lanka elephant. Maximus aim to use the “Elephant Dung” paper to create and then further raise awareness to the tragic circumstances that surround the Sri Lankan Elephant. We are also developing strategies aimed at improving the socio – economic situation that currently restricts under privileged people living in rural areas. Conflict between man and wild elephants over land are severely detrimental to both. Our vision is to bring these two together by implementing Project “Peace Paper”. In conflict areas we hope to create autonomous and self-sustaining re-cycling plants that make Elephant dung paper from wild elephant dung. This we hope will create a mutual and beneficial relationship between man and beast rather than the conflicts that currently exist.


“Ditte’ is a board Game, first ever of its kind in the world.
The key features of the Board game are; ·Improves players’ Emotional Intelligence (EQ) based on values that are universal! ·100% child friendly giving hands on experience in making things! ·Activities with NO replication of violence (no guns, shooting etc.)! ·Every game is a lesson in life ... ·While building inner strength for Leadership! ·Players get educated through yellow card based games. ·Anybody can create Add on educational games that be played on Ditte' game board, which Anybody can create educational games that be played on Ditte' game board, which Anybody can create educational games that be played on Ditte' game board. The theme of the Game is a local piece of knowledge which has gone missing through a process of Paradigm Shifting over a period of 500 years in Sri Lanka. Due to foreign occupation of the island nation and mass killings of many generations at the same time, some of the valuable cognitive patterns have gone missing from the societal common knowledge (Also known as the cultural conscientiousness) This effort is to bring bring such valuable thought patterns back to business. The Entire SAARC region can be made efficient and can be made productive in this manner. The name Ditte’ is a Pali word which means Vision. Introduction to Ditte’ the board game Introduction to Ditte’ the board game Introduction to Ditte’ the board game.I “Ditte’ is a board Game, first ever of its kind in the world”, says Ana Casal, a game psychologist based in Argentina, which influences the young to think and lead their lives in an effective manner. The Game is a stand alone Product but adds a lot of meaning to the book because all the experiences that players get through various combinations in the game can not be written in an interesting manner.

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